Opinions on air dry

Thinking about going to air dry. Looking for suggestions on the best one to use. Hopefully there’s one that goes on as smooth as heat set

I’ve never used heat set but I love my Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Heavy Body paints. I mix the colors with a little Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel and water. I seal with Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish. I purchase everything at Michael’s.


You can get the paints also at michaels? Do you think I could see one of your babies made with this?

Do a search here and you will find tons of posts on air dry paints being discussed. Everyone has their favorite. I write a blog on air dry paints. I use RebornFX for the most part now that BabyFX went out of business. I have tried many others as well.


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I have only tried 2, Liquitex, SB and HB, is my favorite!

i use cheair, and love it


These are some of my Liquitex babies. I get all my suppliesd, including the paints, at Michael’s.


I have used many other brands of air dry paint, but Liquitex soft body is my favorite. Here are some of my reborns that I painted with the Liquitex soft body.


What medium do you mix with your paints?

Not sure who you’re asking but I only use a little Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel and distilled water. Nothing else.


I use the same. Liquitex ultra matte gel and distilled water.

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Hmmmm. Maybe I will have to try when my baby fx runs out. I did buy a crimson and black to use since I don’t have those colors.

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Does it not bead up? I used an air very a year ago and it would bead up

Awe! My baby Eugene :heart:

The Ultra Matte Gel gives the paint “tooth” to stick to the vinyl.

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The first layer does sometimes, I also mix in a bit more medium to the first layer and it encourages the paint to stick better. After that, no problem.

I’ve used miracle blend for a while now, but am considering switching to liquitex. Mostly because they’re easier to get.

Meg here was painted with miracle blend.


Most of the time my 1st layer will bead up. I try not to over saturate my paint brush with the paint mix, but use a thin layer. I have found that it is easier to blend and pounce the paint mix with a large mop or kabuki brush instead of sponges. It also allows you to pounce out the paint in the creases at the same time.

Do you guys add anything to the vinyl before paint to help it stick. …like a matte varnish? What about a tiny bit of thinner to the paint mix, I read on another forum a few did that also…

I just mix my first paint layer with Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel and lately Ive been using Golden Satin Glazing liquid and I also have some Golden Liquid Matte medium coming in the mail, on advice from @anjsmiles. After that first layer there is no problem with the paint not sticking. Like @rainbow I only use a sponge to pat around and mop up drips and then I use the Kabuki brushes as well. I use a brush to put my paint on, then the sponge a bit and then the big brush to blend it in. I mainly use make up brushes, they tend to work better, all the mop brushes I have bought shed too much.