Open or closed nose?

So I was wondering what do u all think sells an looks better the nose open or closed I hear if u open it over time mold grows inside not sure how true that is but I did notice if I paint inside it looks like it’s open but some kits the holes aren’t that deep so what do u prefer the nose open or closed

i love to open the nose. to me it adds to the realism. i also come across kits that have a perfect mouth for opening the mouth so it can take a newborn size paci.

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Adorable, Melanie! Do you use felt behind the mouth like the nose?

Leslie, I realized I didn’t answer your question…Yes, I open the noses. I really like the realism. Paint can capture a lot but when you can do the “real” thing I think it helps give more of the “baby” effect.

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Unless it’s a custom order and the buyer wants the nose open I don’t do it any more. I completely seal the eyes too so there is no way for any moisture to get inside the head.

As far as selling. I haven’t had a problem selling babies with the nose NOT open at all. And I’ve never had a buyer ask me
to do it after a sale.


I had a buyer twice ask me if the nose was open I like it both ways I scrapped the vinyl on my sienna kit a little with the drill bit gonna try an sand it or something I don’t think bb even makes her anymore either :frowning:

thank you!!! and yes i backed her mouth with felt :slight_smile:

Closed, seen it and dont likes it, I prefer closed and shaded to look real :slight_smile:

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I like to open the nose also. A couple of times the vinyl was very thin in that area and the opening split. There is always the possibility that you will compromise the integrity of the vinyl when you make a hole. I have never opened the mouth being afraid that the constant inserting of a pacifier will tear the vinyl. In other words if you make a hole anywhere on vinyl it can split then or over time,

I like opening the noses- and I 'm really good at it- the drill scared me at first- but now it’s a piece of cake- then I back it with felt - I usually paint first and let it cure (airdry) and then drill the noses and then when I glue the hair- I glue the eyes, felt the nose and add the magnet for pacifier- within 1-2 days of each other. I think I nicked the nostril once a long time ago- but other than that no problems- overall vinyl is pretty hardy. Haven’t heard of mold issues- I always write in my care sheets how to care for the doll.

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Kristi, the first couple of dolls I drilled the nose after painting, then I started doing it first so I don’t run the risk of needing to do any touch-up paint.

I used to drill the nose first- but I didn’t like the paint getting in the head through the nostrils- and my aim is really good so it doesn’t hurt the paint- but you could do either way :smile:

I’ve been fortunate and haven’t had any paint go into the head. The BB tutorial has you opening the nose half-way through the painting. I like to be able to paint the edges of the hole so it works for me to open first. It’s great how we’ve all developed our own style.

Thank you ladies for the advice I’m gonna open the nose on Meg I just have to go slow I don’t wanna scrap the vinyl Like I did on sienna I bought.A dremal with two different speeds an I think if I use the drill bits on low an there is a little buffer to smooth it out that may work well gonna try it on a practice kit first though I like the nose open also just scared to do it but I will never learn if I don’t try thanks again :slight_smile:

I did a tutorial on this awhile ago- not sure if here anymore since new forum?

So I have a kit the mouth is open a little an behide the mouth inside the head the vinyl sticks out so it would be hard to put a magnet on it im assuming that’s what I cut out im gonna try that too that’s a great idea an you put fabric behind it also??? So the pacifier should just stick right in the mouth no magnets either or do you put a magnet also??

with the kits that allow me to open the mouth i dont need to add any magnets. like with the tanner i bought from you has the kind of vinyl sticking out on the inside so i would be harder to get the magnet to stay in place good enough for glue to dry. i very carefully used an xacto knife to remove the vinyl the was just passed the lips. would need to extend the cut a bit close to the corners of the mouth to allow the mouth to open a little more. i know with tanner i had to lightly wet the paci and manouver it into the mouth but he does have a full newborn size uncut paci. actually its one of the paci’s i got from you. and i do back the mouths with black felt. you should do it while the paci is in the mouth to make sure there is enough slack.

also if you use a drill bit to open the nose the bits should fit in a wooden handled rooting tool. i bought drill bits from BB and put it in my rooting tool and drilled it by hand. it works great and you can do it really slow