Only enough sunlight for a little photography

I have five babies to list but only enough sunlight to photo two of them.

Thought I would share for fun.

The first is Big Joe and Nutmeg. This baby has some minor imperfections but turned out great.

The next is Baby Bell (Pearl) my first time painting her, I love this sculpt.

Used my phone and some great morning sun through my window, no fancy props.

Good light is your best friend.


I love your ethnic babies!!!
Beautiful as always!

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I love your Nutmeg! If you’re selling her, she’ll be gone in a flash.

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You know I love them :slight_smile:

Am I the only artist who LOVES this part of a darker toned baby???
Am I weird? I love seeing the difference :heart:


I love it too.

The imperfection is actually on that arm, I was using acetone and picked up parts to put in the oven not realizing I still had some acetone on my hands and it removed paint. I had a hard time color matching those dark tones. It turned out ok but I am disclosing and discounting. (sad face).

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They are lovely!

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They are both gorgeous!!

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So beautiful, both of them

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Meggy sold very fast. I don’t think I have a box big enough!

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Congrats x2!

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I always have good luck on reborns but I like to batch list, get them all listed on one day. Reborns only lets me list one every 24, so they sell on Etsy first. I was wondering why James wasn’t selling on Etsy, he is a really awesome baby, put him on Reborns, gone in 20 minutes. Very happy, hopefully I will get some sun tomorrow and photo the rest of these. I have five more on my workbench not sure I will get them done in time for Christmas but I am trying.


Unless it’s a huge area, I wouldn’t discount her too much. The rest of her is gorgeous. Could it pass as a birthmark?

Your Joe is absolutely AMAZING! :heart_eyes:

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They are both so precious. Your recent Johanna is so stunning too! I had the time to catch up on some YouTube videos and oh my word Johanna in that dress…absolutely gorgeous!!:heart_eyes: