One of my disasters ending well

Over the past few weeks I had number of disasters; first several purchases were very significantly not as described or have not arrived, and then few buyer hassles.
one of the bad purchases, hopsack material for hood of the old pram, which was not suitable for my purpose (marks on the side that I wanted out) and as it was cut on slant it could not be used for full size pram (which I also have - in need of new hood). The seller refunded in full the moment I let him know (with photos) without me sending the materail back. I told him I try to sell it and repay if I manage. Because of the way it is cut, it is only suitable to renovate doll pram, and I did not think there will be many buyers. But after few weeks of re-listing I managed to get nearly as much as it cost me, and today I re-paid the seller.

It sure feels good when something goes right…I"m glad things worked out for you.

Wow! For once a positive outcome. I am glad for you. It seems too much has been negative lately.

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Ludmila, I am so glad a little luck came your way, you earned it considering your recent difficulties. I’m glad for you.

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Thanks Yes, I can do with the luck keeping on; i still have not received the 3oz of mohair I bought on ETSY about 4 weeks ago Also the set of cheap nail art brushes has not arrived … no major drama, they were only couple of dollars but I am concerned that our postie is dropping off my mail elsewhere, again. It happened few months ago that in one week 3 of my parcels were brought to me by 3 different people living further down our street, who found them sitting on their doorstep when they got home. One of those was $120 worth of mohair!

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Oh, may I ask who you ordered from on Etsy?

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yes, sure, but please note I am NOT blaming them for the non arrival of the natural mohair, which I was going to have some fun dyeing. I do not think they sell mohair ready for rooting:

i also bought some from this lady, and it is beautiful:

and from this lady, also gorgeous:

Angela, has the most beautiful mohair…super smooth and shiny!

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Thanks, Ludmila! No, no blame, stuff happens. I’m just looking for recommendations. Good info, thanks.

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Anyway, the missing mohair arrived today I was sure the lovely seller posted it.

You were so very kind to repay the seller. Not many would do that.