OMG! I baked baby for 2.5hours!

Couple of days ago I painted all day, and when I finished I baked all the parts as they dried, while cooking dinner. My new oven has been so good, keeping its temperature and turning off, that I felt it is not as important to check on it, and so for ONCE and honestly for the first time since I got it, I did not go back to check. We had a dinner and then few hours later I just walked down the corridor and I felt something is not right. Yes, the oven was still on, but as it kept the correct temperature for all this time, the baby got bit shiny but otherwise is fine!!! Thankfully, it was just a cheap Chinese no-name kit, which really looks like a playdoll anyway.
But, lesson learned - never depend on the halogen ovens turning off or keeping the right temperature. If my oven did not keep the right temperature, I could have lost not just the kit, but the house could have bunt down to the ground. The laundry is right in the back of the house, we were all in the front rooms and we would not notice until the fire would have taken hold.