Omg! Elyse by Cassie Brace

I received Elyse today and she is sooooo cute! And she is a BIG chunky baby.

She is my first more expensive LE that isnt from BB.
She came with a tummy plate and body as well.

How would I figure out what size neck ring and plug she needs?

Now I wish I had time to play… I feel like I am never gonna get to paint again :frowning:

I am loving her… Not sure I can part with this one. LoL … Even though she is almost alien like in blank vinyl.


She definitely has potential. Can’t you squeeze in Just a LITTLE time to paint? BB can probably tell you how to measure for neck ring and plugs.

I need to finish Asher and get him listed before I start a other baby. Trying not to drag out everything since we will be moving in a week

I will see if I can find info about plugs and rings if nobody can tell me lol

Mandy, if you can’t find out what size ring to use you could just try the super glue. That’s what I use if I don’t have a neck ring and I never have a problem.

Thanks… I will don’t that if I can’t find one. The neck ring just seems to make the neck a little more stout. But maybe it’s just me? LoL

I found the info. For neck ring size, measure the diameter of the bottom of the neck in millimeters. That will be the ring size. For plugs, measure the diameter of the opening in millimeters. That will be the plug size. Found the information on BB FAQ.


Use Aleene’s Paper Glaze…it’s MUCH better and cleans up with water. I tried the super glue once and thought I was being careful but it ran down the leg. :hushed: Thankfully, I was able to clean it off with Neosporin but will never use that again.

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Thank you Jean!!!

I love her!

THANK YOU JEAN!! Thanks for all the tips everyone.

@mamadar82 I love her too! I am very impressed lol. Now I wait on Cassia lol

I ordered Cassia from Dolls So Real and she is totally paid for. Do they usually send out tracking info at DSR? I paid and haven’t heard anything else at all.

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Hope you get some baby time, can’t wait to see her finished. The mouth is a little awkward!

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