Olivia by Marissa May

I’m looking for a kit that I seen posted on reborns.com. The description states that it’s the Olivia by Marissa May kit.
I can’t seem to find it in a search though. Are any of you familiar with this kit and know where I can find one?
Coincidentally this Olivia kit looks just like my own daughter Olivia when she was a baby, and I want to purchase the kit. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Can you post a picture of the doll in question?

This is the one Olivia I know of, by Ann Timmerman


Is this her?

This is her from the site.


That is Sera by Marissa May.


Bountiful baby doesn’t have many pictures of her, as she’s an older kit. My daughters first reborn was made from this kit.

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Ok, she must of had the name wrong then. When I search Sera, other photos don’t look like my Olivia. It must be just her version that had similarities to me. The lips are so similar.

She’s honestly not one of my favorite kits. But my daughter loves her.

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All I have is an opened eye picture of my Olivia, but this is what she looks like. The face shape and mouth reminded me so much of her. Sha, Olivia’s little ears. Lol. She gre into them but they were so cute when she was a baby. They stuck out so much. Lol.


Here is my daughter’s doll. Keep in mind, she’s mid renovation because she was a hot mess. Not at all as represented in her listing.


@jlesser can you kit match this baby?

Your daughter made that doll?

No. It was the first reborn that she bought for her collection. Sorry for the confusion.

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Awe that’s so sweet! My daughter LOVES reborns. I’m starting to feel like if I ever want to sell one, I’ll have to secretly paint it. lol.
She really wants a toddler. She LOVES @NancyW work!


Reminds me of Laura Tuzio Ross baby
Harlow (awake)?
I think if the top lip was painted a little thinner it would match

The only kit I can think of off the top of my head with bigger ears is Teal, but Teal is 22 inches and looks like an older baby


Those are both cute. I wish Teal would be smaller. I love her ears.

Teal can look young. 22 inches isn’t that big. I had a newborn bigger than that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh my goodness!!! Look how cute!!! I’m glad you showed me that! She looks really similar to Olivia there!


Look at them side by side. I say that’s a great match. @jlesser is the expert kit lady. :heart_eyes: