Oliver Kaufeler is adorable - why is he so rare? Has anyone here reborned him?

I just happened to find a kit for a really amazing low price on Ebay while I was trying to find a body to buy for my 1/4 limb kits by Linde Scherer. The same company has some lovely kits also for sale and the one called “Oliver” is adorable. I did some research into this kit and couldn’t come up with much. There are very few pictures of him and almost no information on his creator, Corinne Kaufeler.

The few photos there are of him are so lovely. I think I’m going to enjoy working on him.

Since I am a newbie, I am curious about the lack of interest in him. Was he a limited kit, or a small issue? Is Corinne Kaufeler upopular or unknown artist? It seems he was issued in 2012 which isn’t that long ago but maybe it’s a long time in the reborn world? hahaha

If someone could give me some background on him it would be great!

If anyone here has reborned Oliver or other Kaufeler sculpts, I would love to see your babies!

Here are some of the few pics I could find of Oliver in case you are also not familiar with him. These are obviously not my own photos of Oliver, and I give full credit to the artists whose work I am sharing.


There are so many new kits being produced on a continuing basis that many of the older ones get discontinued to make room for the newer ones. In the reborn world 5 or 6 years is a long time. He is adorable, though.


He is precious :heartpulse:

Though I don’t remember seeing this one before,it is a beautiful kit.

I have one named Tiffany by her. I don’t know much about the sculptor myself but he is a cutie.

He is a cutie, but I do not buy any more of the old kits that appear now and then. Some of the old vinyls had problems, and after they sat in someone’s draw for years there is no comeback whatsoever.

This is mine I reborned, loved doing him :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your replies everyone! What an amazing time we live in that so many talented artists with beautiful sculpts to share with the world that we have a hard time even knowing what is out there, let alone reborning all of them haha!

Angel, your Oliver is such a little darling! I love his sweet expression. Some dolls with the neutral expression just look a little blank, but Oliver is really looking to understand his new world and appears to look at it with curiosity and enquiry. That is his charm for me, I think, and you really captured that in your Oliver!