Okay, I'm going to try this Etsy thing

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I’m so tired of eBay; we’ll see what happens

The one thing I have noticed listing on etsy is it takes along time to sell there. You have to be very patient. When I list there, I will generally list on ebay and reborns.com also. I state in my listing on etsy and reborns.com they need to contact me for availability before purchase is made as the item is listed on other sites. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but that’s what I do.

That’s a very nice listing Karen. Your Cozy is adorable and hopefully she will find her new ‘mom’ soon. I have quite a few babies that I need to list too. But I’m tempted to put them on both sites just to cover my bases.

I’ve sold 9 dolls on Etsy so far- I think once people see you have great feedback it helps- I do their search ads which helps to promote your dolls at top- for $7 a week. You can also do coupon codes and connect with Facebook, Twitter etc. Yes it takes more patience than EBay- so I am on Ebay also- but the clientele are more"art-minded" people- so far not any wacked out encounters

I have an Etsy account, too. I sold one within two weeks and a second one took a month, but it did bring me a second sale with that buyer.

She should sell there Karen. I found that I can sell my Simply Babies well on Etsy. If it is in the $250 or under range dolls seem to sell there around Christmas time for me. The big priced dolls don’t sell for me there though. It seems to be a more “crafty” clientele looking for a deal.

Great idea putting several pics into one frame! I have often wished there was a way to load more photos there and you figured it out!

She’s beautiful! I bet she will go fast!

edited to add- oh yeah i love etsy! it takes longer but the fees are way lower, and they dont charge a fee on the shipping like ebay does. i hate ebay for that.

I’ve sold on both. But I like Etsy more; the messaging system with pictures is awesome for updating customers during custom orders. Plus Ebay fees are ridiculous, but it does have more traffic but it’s people looking for a “cheap deal”. I’ve found a few regular customers with ebay but negotiate directly additional dolls, I try to save PayPal for credit cards sales only…