Okay im being serious for once.Help Saskia and Summer Raine

Your know me for joking and all.But im asking for help…Hold on before you pass this message.Wait a minute.I have a Saskia kit Im about to start.Now look Im not trying to steal anybody ideas.But I paid over 100 dollars for this kit.Its my first leap into the big boys.I mean the 100 dollar kits…The big time…Im talking Hollywood baby…lol I. Joking…But I would appreciate any help.With where To buy some quality hair and eyed.I. going for blonde curly hair and blue eyed.Im trying to get the Curly temple…look mixed with the gerber baby with a touch of Cindy from the Brady bunch look.I also need help on the eye lids and the area above the nose.I guess thats it for now…All help is welcome.love your neighbor hood Reborn woman


I use mohair from J’s Premium Mohair.


I hear you, lol She will be my first $100.00 baby too.

following for eyes

For eyes, I like these from dollssoreal:
They’re not super expensive but I think they’re a little better than the BB eyes (at least, there’s more color choices). I haven’t splurged on any glass eyes or really expensive ones yet, though.

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Will try thanks so much

Thanks Bec

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I really love Angora Mohtique for mohair.



I just tried mohair from @Rainbowbabies right here on the forum. I love it. It’s silky soff, shiny, easy to root and reasonably priced.


Thank you

Ha…thank u

I highly recommend mohair from Angela. It’s all I buy now. She does custom orders if there is something you are looking for.

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