Ok, so listed on Reborrns for the first time and

My photos all loaded fine on the listing page and then when I listed Kai, the photos are not showing at all in my listing. Has this happened to anyone? I’ve left a message for Dave but would like to fix it ASAP as a listing without photos is basically worthless. And time is of the essence.


Could be your files are too big and his site doesn’t support them. I’ve had this happen. Usually when I used my “fancy” camera to take pictures, they won’t upload. So aggravating because that’s the camera that gets all the really fine details.

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It sometimes happens when:

-You load all you photos at the same time, by dragging them over in a group. Try doing one at a time or two or three at a time.

-When you click to publish your listing too many times.

-When the files are way too big

-When you use apps to filter your photos, they don’t load all the the time.

-You are missing information.

Did you check to be sure you published?

I would go back to “add a baby” (or what ever its called) click on the listing, it will open up the page you used to put in all your information, scroll down and see if you photos are showing, if not, add them again, if they are there, hit save, just once. It should update your page.


If your files are too big you can make them smaller at picresize.com. It’s free and pretty easy,

I see your photos over there. Cute baby!

He’s cute! Your pictures are great! Following you!

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I’m following now too :wink:
Here is the link so others can follow if they want as well.


I do notice that you have him named “boy”
It might be better to edit your listing and but Kai in that slot. :wink:


Great baby, great price, great hair! Following you :heart:


Thank you, Karen! :grinning:

I uploaded them one at a time and they weren’t too large. Dave did write me back and said it was most likely a flook, and said to try them again. They worked on the second try.

JLesser, thank you for following! Yeah, I don’t know how I had him named “Boy”, LOL! I changed that tonight.

My Kai missed being in the featured section because of the photo problem. Will that interfere with him getting enough exposure?

Thank you to all who are following.

Question: when someone sends a message through the site and asks if you’ll take a lower offer on a baby, are they supposed to do that? Would dealing in email with someone to sell a listed baby not be safe as far as scammers and such?

I don’t deal with people who try to get me to lower my price. I respond politely ‘thank you for your interest, I’m sorry but the price is firm.’

I’m not sure what you mean by dealing with people through email.

When someone writes you through email/PM on Reborns and they ask if you will take an offer, does Dave allow that? Selling to someone outside of one’s listing?

Featured section is when you pay $1 more for your exposure. Not sure if it’s still $1 though.

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You allays will get messages in 2 places: one on Reborns and same message in your mailbox.
You can reply from the site. I would.
People asked me for the payment plans, but never to lower the price though.
So you can reply that your price is firm or offer a payment plan.


It doesn’t mean that they are asking to sell outside of the listing. You can adjust the price to any amount though Edit Dolls Tub.


Ask Dave if he will let you repost and allow him to be on the front page because of that issue. I’m sure he would let you since you didn’t know what the problem was.
Just repost and check the box that it’s never been posted before. I’d ask Dave. One time something happened with my listing and he allowed me to do that so it would get the regular viewing on the just listed section


That’s interesting. I didn’t see anywhere where I could select to pay to have him featured. I’ll make sure to look next time i list a baby, in case I missed it.

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If you click on Edit Dolls you’ll find it and the link to buy credits first.