OK, is anyone out there?

Either I’m on here too much or too many of you aren’t “talking”. I know I’ve been out of it off and on but now I’m back and I want company!!! This is my main forum and also the place I talk the most. I have friends but they aren’t into dolls or fun stuff. So I’m brainstorming what to do.

Last year, we had a halloween party by people just showing photos of their babies dressed up. No contest, no pressure, just a photo or two, would be fine with me. I know competition is popular but I’m more into everyone getting in on the fun. Plus we did a RR at Thanksgiving and a different type of RR at Christmas where you sent each person the same little thing…a hairbow, a paci, whatever. Is there any interest in any of that this year or is everyone too busy? Or did everyone decide to hibernate for the winter!!! Maybe I can help out with some of the fun. If I offered a small surprize to each person that posts a halloween photo, would that help? Or if you have better ideas, please get them going! As for those overseas (from the US), even you could join in. The presents might take a little longer to get to you but you are worth it!

I know I’m too nervous to do a real baby contest but I can try if that is what people want. Plus that prejudice against competition rears its’ head again. If anyone else wants that, I’m sure we can find a way though. Each baby is so unique those are hard for me to decide on when we have a poll!

Just hoping that a little fun and encouragement helps us all hang in there!

I’m still here too - I have a few different forums, but I’m on BB everyday too.

This is a great idea to get everyone chatting and sharing.

I’m here too, I mostly read everyones comments then I’m gone, I do pop in w/ a ? every oonce in awhile Linda

I always check in, but I am on several forums too…

I check in here as often as I can – I belong to other forums, but BB will always be my home base.

— Begin quote from “ta5401”

I have been busy with my son. Went to his MCT graduation. He is in limbo. His MOS training is backed up, but the shut down is complicating things, They may shut down Camp Johnson, where he is at, If the government hasn’t resolved the shut down by Thursday. They have been eating MREs because they are running low on supplies. talking about possible sending some marines home until they can finish their training. Very frustrations. Think your ideas are great.

— End quote

So sorry all of this is going on with your son and with our country… We must all continue to pray for wisdom for our leaders…

I completely understand, Barb, about sometimes feeling your skills aren’t up to par or that everything turns into a competition. As for holiday themed celebrations, I don’t think most of us would care if we made things more generic since some don’t celebrate for religious reasons or may have a different belief system. Wondering if they could just be more fall themed or winter themed anyway. I have really mixed feelings about halloween but do think dressing up in costumes can be fun. I was always dressing up as an Indian (now Native American!) all year long and my kids wore costumes all year long too. But if others are uncomfortable, then skip that part. I just would like to see more baby faces and maybe share some goodies with someone too. I am definitely not talking about a baby swap!

I don’t care if your baby is perfect because mine aren’t! In fact one had a few bad layers removed this evening when I tried (unsuccessfully!) to correct some of the red I added yesterday. Long story is that his face survived but that I may have to add some of the red back. And give both him and his sister time to cure and then seal again. Why is it that my own work can go from almost there to crash in no time?!!!

At least we are all checking in! Sorry that life’s problems have cropped up for some and hope things go better!