OK..I'm a Loser!

Hi ladies,

I know that Michele has posted this several times and I did write it down but I have lost my paper (and my last marble!) I am in the midst of moving and have misplaced the email address where we send the Celeste Photos for the challenge…HELP AMY!!!
I can’t for the life of me figure how to search subjects on this site…I went through about a thousand topics trying to find it but got cross eyed and brain dead looking…

Thanks of the help in advance…
On the positive side…I finished Celeste! Yayyyyyy…


Yay!!! You are nothing if not a winner Starr!!! :star:️:star2::star:️:star2::star:️:star2::stars:


Thanks, Anita, for getting the link! :slight_smile: I’m sorry I wasn’t around, Starr & @nimlet. :confused: It’s been a busy day of housecleaning and I’m pooped now. :wink:


Thanks ladies…You’re the best!.. :smile:

Heehee, You sound like me…I am usually up all night reborning and doing things and go to bed about 5am…Always been a night owl…Can get more done at night it seems…

Thanks again for the email address and the tip about the magnifying glass…That should help in the future… :wink: :smile: