Oh that was almost bad!

Yikes!! I was working on my sweet baby Liam yesterday and had his limbs baking and was working on his head and got very into it on a roll and forgot about his limbs!!! Ahh I can’t believe they didn’t warp or melt!!! Lesson learned I’ve got a timer set now loudly instead of using my memory lol!!! Whew so glad he’s ok cause I was so excited about him! I’ll be assembling him today and posting pics for critiques!


I’m glad it worked out! I also set a timer because I am soooo forgetful. :slight_smile:

I would melt everything without a timer. I can’t even remember why it was I went into the refrigerator and just stand there looking silly sometimes. LOL


Glad it isn’t just me!! Lol I would have cried!

Haha, my refrigerator has a timer, and starts beeping at me if I stare in there too long!