Oh boy, I have a rant going on—of my own making, I guess. I started working on one of the Little Hearts of Hope dolls and she is Very Orange. I neutralized with 3 thin washes of blue----looking better (a little), added a light coat of flesh 08, some under mottling and BAMMMMM, I have a GREY baby all of a sudden!!! EEEK, I am so mad. Me and Grey do NOT get along very well, I have a very hard time doing anything with that color. I know a nice light salmon color will help to correct grey but gad zooks I don’t want her to wind up as ORANGE as she started out!!! done ranting, thanks for listening guys.


Good luck! :slight_smile:

I hope you are able to find what you want, I have purchased 4 of those kits but haven’t been able to start them yet. I look forward to seeing yours.

Oh I hope you are able to get rid of that grey…I feel your pain…very frustrating…I am sure though that we will soon be seeing beautiful photos of her…:purple_heart:

Geez, I hope so too!

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@lynn I FEEL your pain. I’ve only done 2 orange looking kits and both times it went grayish on me. So frustrating. :confounded:

I’m having a terrible time with Jewel’s skin tones. She started out grey and I brought up the warm alive tones and then wham! Too red. Add mint and more mint and then a wash of this and a wash of that and now she looks…I don’t know…just not right. I think it’s the contest thing. I think I’ll just do another doll and come back to her someday. I really want to be working on a sleeping baby or two anyway. I feel your pain!

Try a red wash. That has work for me in the past.

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Thanks for the input and advice ladies-----I’m just so darn frustrated!!! I really like this funny little face, I hope I can fix it somehow. How did you fix your grey Helen? Thanks Diane, I’ll give anything a try once!!! A little red it is!!