Oh noo!

I’m so sorry!!! I just got a new phone and I am trying to get used to it and the touch screen is over sensitive! I was scrolling through the topic about what baby who is taking to rose and I accidentally flagged someone’s post! I immediately unflagged it but I don’t know if the damage was done and if it was too late to be corrected! I am so sorry! I don’t know whose post it was because I panicked and tried to unflag it! I promise I didn’t mean to!


You poor thing!!! It’s ok… That happens to be a lot! It was a non issue before… Is it one flag now? Or 3? I hope 3! :scream:

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I’ve done that before too.

Ok. Thanks, I thought it was a silly mistake only I could make (I’m a klutz at the best of times, I can’t even walk around a room without bumping into something or someone) I just hope I don’t get the thread accidentally shut down. It seems ok to me so far…but I am going to be super careful from here on out…

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I never actually flagged anybody here, but I would imagine you would have to confirm it . That is how it works on other forums :slight_smile:

No, I’ve set my phone down with it still on before and when I pick it up, I’ve seen that I flagged a post! Or instead of hitting one of the other buttons like bookmark or the heart, ive hit the flag button instead. This was quite awhile ago not since the recent change on the forum about flagging posts. As soon as I seen the flagged post, I just clicked on the flag again and it unflags it. But yeah it would be great if it asked to confirm before being able to flag a post, especially now, but unless it changed, you just hit the flag button once and the little flag turns red.

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I have done that with my phone - it’s easy to do if you are trying to scroll on a touch screen . Like niki said- it wasn’t an issue until recently - so now, I guess we have to watch where our fingers are! Lol

I’m sure it will be OK…I never use the forum on my
phone b/c it’s SO daggone little and I have big ol’
fat fingers…and OLD TIRED eyes that can’t
read that tiny writing…


Like ludmilla said, you probably would have to confirm it. It’s so easy to do that on these touch screens. Don’t worry. I’m sure all is ok.

I’ve almost done tha to. At least you knew how to undo it. I think it’s a little to easy to do.

I agree it would be better if the flag was separated from the others, maybe on the left side, so there’d be much less chance of hitting it accidentally.

I think I flagged something a long time ago because I thought that was a way to save it for viewing later. Somehow, maybe some explanation came up when I clicked on it, I figured out that wasn’t what it was for and I took it off really fast. I hope I didn’t cause problems for anyone because I was tech-stupid! At least it was a long time ago…actually it may have even been on another forum. But that flag didn’t mean what I thought it meant, so it was definitely the flag’s fault! LOL


Gosh that sounds like something I would do. LOL.


Don’t worry! Emily contacted me yesterday after an issue and said the computer had been misprogrammed and they’ve corrected it so when you flag only that persons comment gets blocked and not the whole thread.


I feel so much better now. We are all in good company huh? I will still be watching where I put my thumb though! Don’t want a repeat! I about cried thinking I was going to get in trouble or get someone else in trouble…