Oh my! What to do?

So I switched Lucy to a full limbs body and wanted to see if newborn fit better. All I had for newborn size clothes were boys clothes. Now I am undecided. Boy or girl?
(Yes I know the close are a bit to small. And I’m thinking about keeping this one instead because I haven’t been able to sell it and have now grown attached lol)


Thats a tough call because theyre both so cute, but I would go with girl.

I’m no help. Looks good as either.

One day a boy, an other day a girl !

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I think he is a boy.

Looks like a cute baby boy to me :slight_smile:

I like the pink paci and pink sleeper, but so cute as a boy!

I’m seeing girl:) Also, I don’t think the clothes are too small. I know some people like slightly baggy clothes on reborns, but I personally prefer them to fit a bit snug on reborns. I feel like that fit hides the cloth body a bit better than the more loose clothes do.

I think girl.