Oh my goodness....have y'all seen Luli?

This baby is so stinkin’ cute. He is Luli by Adrie Stoete. I MUST have him!


he is really cute !!!

Yep! Adorable and you can pick the limbs!

I know!!! And the last thing I need right now is another kit. I keep having to remind myself that I am trying to REDUCE my inventory. :laughing:


OMG where can I get one he is adorable

He is really cute, but I have three preorders coming and have to mind my spending right now.

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He’s soooo adorable! I love the lips! :heart_eyes:

You can get him at Dolls by Sandie. He is listed under her “New Items”.

Me too. I don’t think he is limited edition so I will have to get him later.

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Another asian kit! Yay! The reborn world doesn’t have enough of them. :wink: