Oh, crappy day

I just spilled half a jar of Mod Podge Gloss on my carpet. It made an 8 inch diameter puddle. I scraped up as much as I could and then poured water on it. I scrubbed it with a brush then soaked it up with pads of paper towels, added more water and did it again. I had to do this 10 times. What a job! I think I got it all but I can’t really tell until the carpet dries.


ughhhhhh!!! I hate days like that! I spilt half of the 40 dollar bottle of winsor newton on my floor weeks ago. I could cry with you!!! Time for a short break!


That sounds awful! I hope you got it all up that sure sounds like a lot of work!

…and now I have to clean the whole carpet because that spot is the cleanest in the whole room so it’s very obvious. :disappointed_relieved: (whine)

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Oh no!! Ugh I hope the rug turns out okay

Oh drat …hate when that happens. On the bright side …you will have a lovely clean carpet. :wink: