Off my game for sure

I was just over on being wordy and annoying as usual. I thought I would also hop over and see what kits were for sale, you can sometimes find a good deal on a baby that isn’t around anymore, I like a good funny looking baby for sure!

I was blown away, someone named Pink Dragon Fly (?) is selling older SOLE’s for a 1500.00 and up!

Everleigh? 1500.00 for a blank kit? I just painted and sold that baby in the 800’s I think. I think I need to reconsider how I price a sculpt. I usually have the price I paid written on the tag I put on the storage box. I tend to just kinda pull kits out as I go, figure the price of the sculpt into my formula. I try to be fair. I don’t collect kits to upsell later.

I painted a Romy as a circus baby, because I thought it would be adorable, it was, but damn had I known…

I am off my game.

I should have held back some of those sculpts I bought a long time ago.

( I sure wish the sculptors got to see some of that money )

Well good on her for investing in good sculpts.

I am just blown away.

I wonder if they will sell?

If you have a couple thousand laying around and want Bean and Sprout they are only 2400.00.


Dont go by her prices. She has had them high for years and they just sit.


You’re not off your game. I’ve seen some discussion of this seller on both the forum and Facebook. She reminds me of the eBay seller who lists a rare Beanie Baby for $10,000, meanwhile the exact same one is going for $25 a few listings down. Just because something is listed for that price doesn’t mean it’s actually market value.

I don’t doubt that the older/rarer kits are worth a tidy sum, but the most I’ve seen those go for is usually around $400-$500 :woman_shrugging:t2:


Her kits are not selling like hotcakes. They sit. and sit. and sit.


Yep. Her nursery page on Reborns says 0 orders sold. Weirdly, her Facebook posts claim she has sold multiple kits but I’ve never seen anyone express interest in the comments, so unless everything is happening via private message I just don’t buy it.


Good to know, I felt like I was giving away money. Honestly I don’t have time to play the game but I was feeling really stupid.

Thanks Lesser, made me feel a little better.

BTW I noticed you got some sales happening, right on!!!


Wordy?! You wrote a book over there girl! :smile:


Imagine buying a 1500$ kit, then reborning it, trying to sell it for 2200$ in the market today.

I have a question though, if you have a valuable kit , let say a 300- 400$ value kit, do you price the reborn according to the value of the kit, or by the original price that you have bought it ?


I did.

Lots of newbies. I get messages from people who want to know why I am selling and they are not (it’s been a slow year for most people myself included) it feels a little insulting sometimes like they want to know how I am scamming the system (maybe it just feels that way), can’t explain it. People who ask me to help them price, and there are a few people who are not new to this but are still doing some of the same things that are just a little shady.

I am not the boss, not in charge, don’t make the rules, but there are some common sense things that may help a newbie out, or not.

I do this long post about once a year.

I think I may have upset one person with the long post. Basically she wants me to take my blog somewhere else I am taking up room on her mobile app. Maybe she’s right. I should have edited that down a lot.

I feel protective over there, don’t know why.

I think it’s a great selling platform.


I factor in what I paid for it. If it’s an SOLE I might bump it up a bit if I see other babies like this in my skill range going for a bit more. I do what I can to be fair and keep prices down but I do have to pay myself. It’s the hardest part about all of this. If I ever win the lottery I will go somewhere beautiful and relax, paint babies all day, swim, drink out of coconuts and leave babies on peoples porches secretly.

Shipping from Fiji is gonna be a grip but well worth it. You guys can come hang out with me, big ol’ reborn retreat, bring your bathing suits.


I never sold. I have piles of painted limbs awaiting bodies. My husband just asked me yesterday, are you ever gonna sell these? Well, of course I will-someday. For How much? I just looked at him. Hmmm. now that I can’t answer you. It’s complicated.


If you are having fun that is all that matters, best therapy in town painting babies.


I say that blog lady post. It didn’t occur to me that she was taking a jab at you, but you never know. Makes me laugh.

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@Gabriell don’t feel bad about your post. I think the feeling you got about some of those questions is the right feeling for that sort of thing. It’s a forum sort of like this. You can post as much or as little as you want.
That person selling those kits will let you know right quick that she will sell for what she wants and you best not challenge her on that ‘she knows what she has’, so to speak.


Put 2 or 3 together and list them. See what happens, You could post pictures here. Maybe we can help you with pricing.


I don’t like talking to her regardless because (I will say allegedly because I don’t have any screenshots Or outright progress on me) she sold a few kits as Sole kits but didn’t have the COAs and the buyer found out down the road that they were all counterfeit. Not saying that the kits she has for sale now are, just that it skeeves me out knowing that also happened with her and sole kits. This was all happening on Facebook, her name is Elizabeth, not sure if last name.

But regardless of that, I’ve seen five of some of the sculpts she has come and sell for a fraction of the price she’s charging. To be honest, I’ve never had an issue finding sole kits I wanted. Polly Maynard, Elyse brace, Ofelia Auer, Toby donnelly I’ve all found blank very quickly. The only blank I’ve had a hard time finding was Ruby Blick. But almost always, if you’re willing to pay 300-400 there are people that have them and will sell. But I doubt she has ever/will ever sell kits for the price she’s asking


Good ol Elizabeth Hart.


I am in!
Just waiting on you! :wink: :laughing: :heart: :kissing_heart: :hugs:

I need to see how you make all those amazing outfits for your clowns as I am so itching to paint one :wink:

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LOL, when I have noone completed to sell my husband call it ’ You are all sold out! Be happy!" :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


She replied kindly later, I think I was feeling a little self conscious taking up that much room.

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