# of Doll Kits Left in Stock

I always thought it would be helpful to know how many of each doll kit is available. Like how many Paisleys, chimps, Kitten, etc. I know sometimes it says ‘high risk’, but what does that mean? — 100 kits, 10?

Lots of time I just wonder how much time I have to order a particular kit before it goes out of stock. Just thinking out loud here.


It would be nice to have that info readily available. Since it’s not (yet) if you ever want to know how many of any given item is in stock, try throwing 25 in your cart. If there are less than that, BB won’t let you. you can usually figure out how many they have by working your way down or up to the number of available items.

ha - with my luck I would hit the purchase button!!! :))

Now BB has fixed it so you can only go as high as 99. I had defeated that last week by going to “continue shopping” and putting additional ones in the cart. This week you can’t do that. I guess they didn’t want us to know how many of the Presley Awakes are still available. There are more than 99 though!

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That is so strange! I wonder why they would even care? Well, I guess it still works for other items - usually they don’t stock 1500 of any given kit!

That That would be SUCH a great tool to have!

The fact that Presley is not sold out, and there is not much interest in him is a worry. I have 4 (2 of each) and hopped to sell them at little bit better $ than my normal price.

Wonder what is happening at BB, few weeks ago they were here answering all our comments, now nobody seems to come here. It must be very frustrating for people who are waiting for Asher.

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I’m imagining the whole staff at BB up to their armpits in Asher sleeping and awake. Everyone is running around inspecting kits, assembling boxes, printing birth certificates, etc. Kind of like Santa’s workshop on Christmas Eve. Of course, that’s all in my imagination. Who knows? It’s kind of fun to think about though.