Of all the BB kits, which ones do you like most?

Mine are Shyann and Cozy…love both of them soooooo much! I love how different they can look, no matter how many times I do them. I also love Precious Gift, just because it looks so newbornish. Like a newborn. Alrighty, then.

Of the older ones, probably Shyann, Honey and Meg and of the newer- probably Lulu, Blaze and I love the Rubert toddler quads!

I fall in love with whatever one I am working on…so my fave changes regularly…BUT that being said I love Cozy, Molly, Scarlet, Meg, and Lane. I just got a Gena, Cooper, and PG in the mail yesterday so my list of faves could grow! I would work on any of these and maybe a few others in a heart beat…Some of the others I really like but probably wouldn’t do again unless it was a customer request. Others…well…Only if by customer request.

Mine is Heather The only kit I made two times so far, and I’ll probably make another one in the future

I like Cooper, Savannah and Violet. I haven’t done any of them yet but plan to.

I really love Heather and Puddin!

Cozy is my all time favorite, with Gena right up there too – both I think look very realistic. I too tend to fall in love with the one I am working on – because they come alive when you do that, but if I had to choose right now, those would be the favorites. I do love Heather too, and of the newer sculpts, I would have to say Elliott

I love little Spencer, I sold him and I still miss seeing him. I’m doing another one just for me. It is still hard to pick because they have so many beautiful babies, and the prices are so good that I just keep collecting them. I keep telling myself that I can’t buy anymore, but I never listen!

Oh my gosh! How could I forget EMBER??? Yep…definitely a fave for me!

I just got Violet in the mail yesterday, what a sweet little face. Can’t wait to get started on her.

I love the gabriel I did NA but not Gena. Also love the lucy with hubby’s hair, I love her little wrinkled eyebrows. I’d love to do another Shyann too with a little darker hair. I want lots more! Surprizing how different dolls look with different coloring so I may just stick more with ones I really like. But I want to try Savannah and Violet.

I have a Gabriel to do too and he’s sure cute, but I’m confused - what do you mean you did “NA” Gena?

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I have a Gabriel to do too and he’s sure cute, but I’m confused - what do you mean you did “NA” Gena?

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I’m wondering what NA Gena is, too


Here’s my cute Gena

Ginnylee, your Gena is adorable.

I really like Rosebud and cozy. There are so many that i like it is hard to chose.

OMGoodness I couldn’t even tell you. I love so many. And I agree I fall in love with them when I am working on them. I guess I should do Cozy since she seems to be a fav of many. I am getting ready to paint Cooper and Easton. I always do 2 at a time. I have 2 Rosebud’s coming, of which I have done 4. And Sienna, which i have done before. And Spencer all coming in the mail. I just wish I could paint faster. LOL I love BB kits.

LOVE, LOVE your Gena, Ginny! BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thanks Karen - Gena really is a cutie and I loved putting her together. She just sort of slumps in your arms, the way a baby would…Guess that lets you know I still have her! hah!

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Ginnylee, your Gena is adorable.

I really like Rosebud and cozy. There are so many that i like it is hard to chose.

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Thanks so much - I like the Gena sculpt and she was fun to do.

Oh wow everyone had so many different ones they like! I have done a LOT of BB kits. lol

My Favs are Rosebud (done her 7times), PG, Meg, Scarlet and Fei Yen (a big Cindy Musgrove fan!!)

Everyone likes Cozy a lot, i have done that kit twice and only becuase it was a custom order the second time. I dont like it personally. lol

And i just ordered Gena, and cant wait to do her, Ginnylee your gena is ADORABLE!!
Oh and i have done the 16" denise Pratt kits (about 30 now mainly kadence) and i just love the hands and feet on them! cant get tired of doing them.

Oh, Karen, what a great question! If BB was to offer me a choice for a free kit, I’d pick Precious Gift! I also love Caleb, Easton, Sam & Sera. Last I knew, Karen, you had the full inventory! Which one would you pick as a freebie?