Odorless mineral spirits

Just a warning, be very careful when you use odorless mineral spirits. If you google them along with kidney problems, as I did, you will find that they can cause such problems. I have always been prone to kidney trouble, but I have been sick a lot more lately, and the odorless mineral spirits are implicated. I noticed someone on another forum posted that they have had kidney problems slowing them down lately too. I have no idea if it is a similar situation, but just thought I’d mention it.
I have always opened a window, but my husband says I should have been using a fan blowing out. I will be using 244 Fluid that Donna Lee recommends for my remaining kits.
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Hi, I just started using them and do have a kidney issue. I have always used turpentine.
that is not good either. I only use them to thin my paints except on rare occasions. do
you mind sharing how you use them. thanks, rosemarie

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I use lots of mineral spirits to thin my paints. I think it is probably partly my technique, since I do get very close to my pallet and the doll part I am working on. It may not be as much of an issue if the artist is further away from the fumes. I’m sure a fan would help a lot too. Oh and I was spending hours every day painting, if you only paint occasionally, it may be a non-issue.

Perhaps you should use a mask when using mineral spirits or paint outside. I do not like bright sunlight to paint in myself but I do have many exhaust fans going. And whatever you do, don’t ‘huff’ lol sorry that was a bad joke.