NYE in my studio

Got to spend a couple days in my studio after the Christmas rush, I was sure I was going to take a couple weeks off but I found myself back at it, but this time having fun more than working.

This is my little stash of heads I collected to practice hair painting a while back. I found them doing a big clean up and decided to paint them and make little fuzzy cuddle babies.

All my friends are out at Parties, but I am relaxing and getting ready to binge watch a pile of movies with my seven year old who happens to be the best date ever!

Hope you all have a happy, healthy, magical, prosperous New Year!

See ya at ROSE in June, so excited


They are all so stinkin’ cute…they will make the best little cuddle babies ever!!!

Just got home from church…watching tv with Chuck…I will probably fall asleep soon…and just give him his kiss next year!!! :joy:


Those are gong to be some really cute cuddle babies! Happy New Year’s to you!

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What a great scenery! :heart_eyes:

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Is that Eliza by Donna Rubert I see in there? I am loving your painted hair!

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I love your studio. Those will be such cute cuddle babies.

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Happy New Year!
Those heads are amazeballs! I love your painted hair…the only time I regret not being able to use Genesis is when I see really good painted hair like that because its really hard, and maybe not even possible, to make acrylics look that natural.

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I did an experiment, get a blending medium (slows drying) for acrylic it works amazingly, use a blow dryer to dry layers.

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The airbrush medium works really well, Ive been practicing with that…maybe it will look nicer once my skill level increases.
What do you use?