Nuwave settings?/Matte finish?

Well, bought myself a Nuwave oven…fully committed to this obsession now.
I have a question about temperatures. I currently heat set the Genesis paints in my home oven for 8.5 minutes at 265. I recently watched a video that said to set the mat I would need to place the kit in the home oven for 11 minutes. Yikes!!! How long would I need to heat set Genesis paint and the matte finish in the Nuwave oven? 11 minutes seems like a long time?
Just want you all to know this is the most baking I’ve done since I bought this house 2 yrs ago lol
Next question. I’ve bought a few reborns. Most off them feel soft to touch, the skin/vinyl is smooth. But one I purchased recently is rough, or kind of textured. I don’t like this feel. Is this a common finish I just haven’t come across yet? Or did something go wrong with the heating process of the matte finish?

I use my Nuwave at power level 7 for 8 minutes. As far as the kits go I think it depends on the manufacturer as to how the vinyl feels. My BB kits are smooth, my LLE kits are a bit harder with a bit of texture. My kits feel a bit rough/textured after I apply my air dry matte varnish, I use Americana soft touch. Excited you are committed to this crazy fun addictive hobby!!!

265 for 8 minutes for regular paint layers. Matte varnish I do 3 bakes at 265 for 8 minutes. I flip the parts each bake on matte.

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Thank you for the great advice. Yes, loving it!!

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Thanks Caroline!!

You are welcome @Miraboo I’ve learned to not hesitate to ask for advice here! If someone doesn’t know (which is rare) someone will find out! And good advice all around!


The genesis matte varnish gives a rough feel as well. If you don’t like that feel you might not want to use it or at least don’t use it without mixing with something else.

Oh it does. Haven’t got to the matte finish yet. What would you suggest to mix it with me make it feel smooth. I was going to use thinning medium and matte varnish 50/50 ration.

I use my nuwave pro plus for 11 mins on 260, 265 was too much but I allow 3 minutes to warm up and 8 minutes to cook. I live in Michigan and it is currently winter, no snow but cold out and I cook all my vinyl outside my back door to keep the fumes from inside my home. I just let it cook and cool a bit and bring it inside my laundry room to finish cooling and to keep my oven from being outside all the time.

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I do half matte, half satin

I hate the varnishes. I have not found one yet that I used that seems to work correctly. I have only completed my first doll so far though so I am no expert. Hoping to get some tips on how much people mix the satin or matte varnish with thinner (how watery)? When i did my test limb with matte varnish it took away the soft feel of the varnish and i refuse to touch varnish since then.

I am going to try this out. Do you thin it with thinner or no? Does the end after heating seem to be chalky or still soft feeling?

I mix matte and satin a thinner.Usually I add in my last color of paint to tint and apply as usual

I think you might not be happy with the texture if you do 50/50. If you have a test part maybe you should experiment on it and see what textures different ratios get you.

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Genesis varnishes are always going to give a bit of a rougher texture than an air dry varnish. It doesn’t really matter what ratio’s you use it’s just the nature of the Genesis products. Some mixes will come out a little less rough, others not so much. You will get the ‘softest’ varnish feeling from using Americana Soft Touch. Make sure you STIR it Very well before using or it will be shiny. You can also use a little matting agent in it to make it even more matte. I paint mine on with a brush and use a cosmetic wedge to ‘press’ over it (not really a pounce, just place the wedge on it an press, that mattes it down very well). It will give you the softest feel and protect the paint as well. Good Luck. @Miraboo

Awesome thank you!!!