Nuwave noise?

Nuwave users I am on my second oven. The first one got left out in the rain by accident. Grrrrr… I bake outside and had it under a patio umbrella, we got a random night rain that I didn’t expect and it Fried my oven (which was plugged in) So I bought a new one, I am now on my third dome, damn those things break easy.

I was cooking up some babies this morning (my oven is now under an awning but I still keep it outside) and I noticed when I turned it on it was making ratting humming noises, it was heating but I turned it off worried that it was breaking and I didn’t want it to burn my Bipsy.

Is this a warning sign of impending doom? I have another one on the way, bought I used on Ebay so I could have two and make my life easier but now I am worried I will be back down to one again.

Anyone experience this ?


This had me cracking up this morning lol!

When I used heat set, my first oven was a cheap Rosewill oven. I loved it, even though it was smaller than a nu wave. It eventually started making similar noises (after about 3 years of heavy outside use). I was afraid it was dying, so I threw it out and bought a Nu Wave, which I didn’t like nearly as much. I never gave the old oven a chance to see if it was on its last leg or just getting old and creaky. My Nu wave never made those noises, but I didn’t use it for very long before switching to air dry.

As a side note, I baked outside on the porch and kept my oven there. I got a cheap deck box to store it in when I wasn’t baking, to protect it from the elements. As a bonus, the box made the perfect flat surface I could set the oven on top of while baking.


Mine makes the rattling hum sounds sometimes, but it doesn’t seem to affect the function. I am mostly using air dry now, though, so the oven has been in a box primarily for the last several weeks. Keep going with it, but. of course, watch the temperature intermittently as it works.


Smart ladies switching to air dry. I would too if I didn’t love the groove I am in, it is cellular memory now working with GPS I have my creative bunny trail. I think I may at some point switch over to air dry??? It is cheaper, safer, on a warm day things dry faster. I need to give it a go, I did my avatar with air dry and it was kinda nice, I surely did not like the ability to “blend” I am use to painting with acrylic on canvas and I have tricks that did not work with vinyl. Thanks for the info, gonna keep an eye on it, and a deck box what a great idea.

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Could it be just a fan on the lid get loose?

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It could be, I have dropped it in the past I will. check it out. Thank you.

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Mine started doing that too! I ended up getting a new one

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