Number on back of head

Can someone explain the number on the back of the realborn heads? Is it an individual number or do all the dolls of the same baby have the same number? My first doll was sleeping Owen. My boyfriend was already creeped out about the whole idea of reborns. Then when I got the kit, I turned the head around and looked at the number. It said “666.” Well, that freaked my boyfriend out even more. Owen earned nickname Damien for a while. Anyway, are all sleeping Owens 666, or did I get the only little demon baby? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just checked mine…mine also has JD 666


Interesting…you’d think they would have just skipped that number. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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I think the JD is for Joy Dolls.
Maybe the number is the item number.

So they need to order more kits they would order JD 666 not Owen awake. Maybe the factory doesn’t know them by kit name

I’d assume it’s a number to identify them. Numbers are probably easier to file than all the baby names, especially since there are some with the same name, or asleep and awake ones…

Just got an Owen Awake and he is JD666B

I would imagine it is a Part Number from the factory that created the kit. Every thing that is manufactured has to have a part number for the factory identification. I’ve worked for two different manufacturing companies, not dolls, one Aerospace and one Electronics and everything has a part identification number on it so it can be Reordered by number.

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I meant Owen asleep :wink: lol

his is JD 666

Owen awake’s head is JD 666B

Thanks everyone. I understand the number is an identifier. I was just asking if it was exclusive to each doll or the whole kit…wondering how many of them said 666. Still wondering why they didn’t just skip that number. It’s common knowledge that 666 is the mark of the beast. :flushed:

I think it’s more a cultural thing. In my country it wouldn’t be important, unless you’re talking to someone that is extremely religious.
I grew up in a catholic household, but never heard of it being bad until I found out through an American movie.

Where does Joy Dolls come from?

I agree. A lot of people are freaked out by the number. I’ve heard of people adding to their order at a restaurant so their total isn’t $6.66. Doesn’t bother me

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I think that is the company name that produces the kits

oh ok. I have noticed the JD but just thought it was part of the numbering system

My husband and I just pray for everything we buy just to sanctify it of any demonic attachments or intentions. We might seem over-spiritual but we rather be than not.

I believe it is just a part number as well.

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ForeverFaith, I pray over my dolls while I’m making them, asking God to bless all who hold them. I don’t think there is actually any demonic presence in a doll. I never had any personal problem with him having 666 on his head, and I would love to have kept him. I plan to buy more Owens when they come in stock. He’s my favorite. But still, I think they should have skipped that number.

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Amen. I love that. The power of prayer. I also pray when I do my other work, designing and sewing clients’ garments.