Now what am I going to do?

I bought some 3-D Thick-Effekt-Lack from I use it for filling in small flaws or wrinkles and creases that are too deep for my liking. I’m almost out of it. It’s an air dry product that I really like. I don’t bake my babies so heat set mediums won’t work for me. The problem is that Rayher is a German company and they no longer ship this product to the U.S. Does anyone know of any other air dry 3-D mediums that you’ve used that might work for this?

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I have one from Miracle Blend. Works all right for me.

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Find a German dolly friend to acquire it and ship it to you. :grin:


Would something like this work?

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There are services called trans shippers for exactly that sort of thing. My gf uses them often for live fish

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@jeanhai who makes the 3-d thick product you are talking about. Do you have a picture of the bottle?

A company called Rayher. This is a picture of the bottle. It’s my favorite product that I have. I even made a new eyelid for this baby whose original eyelid was accidentally cut completely off.


@jeanhai what about

I thought about the nail extender… BUT saw it is heat set… and white… so that wouldn’t be ideal.

@shosho that’s it. I just tried to order it. Cheapest shipping is $45 and California’s not on the list of places they ship to. I have to think about whether I want to pay 5 times the cost of the product to ship it and then have it shipped to someone else who would have to ship it to me. I’m hoping I can find an ‘equal to’ product here. Thanks for trying everyone.

Is it glossy or matte when it dries?

It has a bit of sheen but I matte it before painting.

Sorry to keep asking so many questions lol, but I was trying to research the 3d effkt stuff you have to find out exactly what its made for. It sounds very similar to 3D Crystal Lacquer. It comes it a really thick version and a thinner version which is also pretty thick, but I think the extra thick might work better since you said you’re using it to fill places and also a bit of molding/sculpting.

Several other stores sell it online too if you decide to try it, and I saw several of them on ebay; both the thick version and regular version.

Lets us know if it works if you decide to try it


Something else I was thinking about is liquid vinyl. They sell it in a little tube in JoAnns Fabric. Its made my Dritz. It’s not really liquid, but more like a gel (like e6000 consistency). When it dries I know you can cut it and shape it, but I’m not too sure about it’s adhesive properties and how well it will stick to the vinyl dolls.

Thats a shame and ridiculous shipping costs. I live in Germany if you needed help sending it to you.I can get it delivered to me free via amazon prime . I would need to check shipping to US though.


That’s awesome!

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@shosho that’s very kind of you and I really appreciate the offer but I think I’m going to try the 3D Crystal Lacquer first. If it doesn’t work, I may take you up on your offer. International shipping is usually ridiculously expensive.

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