Not sure which to use

Hi I painted and used color pencil on my reborn baby beings It seems to be impossible for me the root the hair ugh lol Anyway my question is do seal the hair with matte varnish or satin? The baby’s skin is matte but I’m wondering if statin wouldn’t make it a little more realistic looking. Thanks


Hi Karen! I seal the hair with thinning meduim, inbetween using layers of pencils and then usually a mix of satin and matte varnish over the entire doll when finished. I think it will look fine :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

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Please let me know how you make out. Use a clean sponge and pounce, don’t rub as the pencil smears or comes off. Gentle does it :slight_smile:

Thank you. My finished baby for my granddaughter. I placed a note inside for her when she is grown


Oh my goodness! She’s beautiful!! She will treasure her!! :heartpulse: