Not secure on Bountiful Baby

I was wondering if anyone else is getting a red not secure icon on Bountiful Baby site. I noticed it at work initially and I am having issues browsing the homepage and supplies. I also have the same not secure from home. Is there a need for concern?


Mine says secure

What about the forum page? Mine says not secure in red. The home page does not say it but gives issues scrolling , but only at work.

The forum page does say not secure… but I dont think the forum links to your account on BB where you pay from

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On the forum I also noticed the red not secure. I wasn’t sure if it was new or I’d just never noticed it before. When I’m on BB home it says secure.

Ok, thanks. I was just making sure there was not a glitch or issue. At work it could be our security system causing the browsing problem.

Mine was showing that too. I changed the address to https and not just http. It shows secure then. I also changed my shortcut to take the new address. It shows secure if you have https in the address.

Thanks, I will try that

The forum shows not secure, yeah. Been like that since I first came on here, haha.

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It changes to and from secure to not secure I’ve been ignoring it haha

mine says not secure also (on a laptop)

Mine says it too.