Not painting like I use to…

I love painting babies, I would do it for free if I won the lottery, it’s just very relaxing and rewarding. I have traded fine art project opportunities for painting babies over the last couple years, that’s how much I have loved doing this.

Sadly with all the knock off trouble and the strange economy I find myself painting less and freelancing more. Ironically I am still painting, just not on vinyl. I have a pile of sculpts I am still going to paint but they are not my priority, my “job” instead they have become my guilty pleasure.

If things improve, when they improve, I hope to get back to painting babies like I use to.

I have been on this planet long enough to see ebbs and flows with the economy and to see things turn green again after a long winter. I also know that given the resources humans love things made by other humans, factory made stuff is a convenience most times.

Hopefully hobby painting will keep BB afloat, no knock off factory can mass produce the joy we get making something beautiful.

I hope we all look back at some point and say “remember when everything felt sucky and we almost threw in the towel?”

I believe in collective energy, let’s all imagine things getting better, rain where it’s dry, sunny skies where it’s gloomy, good jobs, plenty of what everyone needs, celebrations, good health and a little peace on this planet, and let’s all do better to take care of this mother of ours, she gives us everything, and humans give nothing back, we gotta show her some love.


Exactly! If we can be kinder to this planet, she’ll be kinder to us I think. We need her healthy and happy and full of peace and goodness, not stressed to the max and depleted. It’s a matter of our own survival and I can’t see how that can be ignored any longer!
Hunkering down here, back to cooking again and watching pennies. Did a little gardening again this year and it was fun. Might just have to do a bit more in the spring.
As for those sucky days, that’s where I’ve been for the last couple of years. My hands are itchy to paint again though, so maybe things are starting to look up around here. Lord knows I’ve got plenty of kits I could be working on! Working on a toddler right now and if that doesn’t kill me I’ll start another when I’m finished with her.
Hang in there everyone, it’s a wild ride but it’s the only one we get!


No painting for me right now…thought we might be in by November…but not looking good for that …so maybe in the spring.

I hate to be a Debbie downer…but i am thinking all good things must come to an end and this may be the case for the art of reborn dolls.

Oh…there may still be a few who will collect…but the days of bidding wars on ebay and people willing to pay for a one of a kind are fading quickly.

Too many people are happy with knock offs and don’t give a care about authenticity…they just want a cheap doll.

As for this ol world…I’ve got a feeling things are gonna get worse before they get better…not alot of good news on any front…economically or socially.

BUT…I try every single day to make a “happy” difference in some small way…amazing how your heart will lift when you just smile at someone :blush: