Non payer on ebay

this is a non payer on ebayer o feedback want answer emails
casefendle ( o) add this ebayer your block list

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i had one do that to me.Soi had to report it to ebayStill waiting to hear from them.

I have just quit reporting as non pay,I now just cancel the order if I can’t get in touch with the buyer within 48 hours.Last one I did non pay on,I never heard from,I kept sending reminders and waited the 7 days and after it was over and relisted,I get a message saying I was too busy out buying stuff for this baby and never got the invoice.Yea well tough toots.I am sick to death of Ebay and the scammers and non payers.I plan to start using new selling sites after the beginning of the year.A lot of my business comes from word of mouth anyway.


why they waste their time.

I totally don’t trust PayPal anymore. Ebay has worked with me before on buyers who want refunds are just don’t pay, but PayPal just refunds them without any investigation. Right now I have a woman making payments on a layaway she bought from me on and I am nervous. I have received one payment and the reason she doesn’t have the money is because she’s waiting for a refund from Ashton Drake for a doll she cancelled the order for. I had accepted the layaway plan before she told me that. I’m crossing my fingers.

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