No sunshine!

I have a baby I am almost finished with. Just to put the magnet in her mouth and eyelashes and the modge podge to dry. I have something on a leg and on the face. Ink I think so I have been lucky enough this has only happened to me one other time, anyway I bought the zit creme and put it on it. My problem is we have not had sunshine here in weeks for more than a couple of hours a day. We have all our rivers and creeks at flood stage and it is still raining. We will be in serious trouble here if it does not stop. Is there a substitute for sitting my baby in the sunshine with the zit creme? Would putting it under the ott light help? Would that not be warm enough? could I put it in the oven a bit?

I’ve wondered the same thing…is it the light or tthe heat that causes it to work? I just know that the one time I tried, it didn’t work at all. I have ink from a printer page on my collector doll (of course it would be the most expensive one ). I have worn off a little of the tinting trying to get it off…finally gave up. I figure that I’m not as attached to it now that I have my other babies and that if nothing else, it will be a beautiful baby for Catherine.

Ty well I have to do something! This lady wanted a very full head of dark brown to black hair. I have a whole lot of rooting time in this baby.

Ok this is how the baby turned out. I used the zit creme with no sun for 5 days. Nothing! So I used gritty hand cleaner, still nothing. I used goof off and it took it off the leg just fine. The ink on the face refused to come off so I kept on until it took the paint off the cheek and then I finally use an emery board to sand it off.

No I did not add heat I kept asking several places and no one could tell me about heating it in the oven if that would help. I gave up and went with the oops off suggestion. This took most off but I finally had to lightly sand the baby.