Nikki's first PIF WINNER

The winner is… @melcurll !!! Mel, please message me your email addy and mailing address! Woohooo​:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: this one is to pay it forward from @honojane! I will be posting my PIF question tomorrow for my PIF from @Moonbay


Congrats on the win, Mel!


Congrats mel… :smile:

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Congratulations, Mel!!

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Yay Mel! Congratulations.

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What is a PIF? What ever it is congrats.Some abbreviations are beyond guessin,this is :baby: one.

Yay Mel!

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I just came on here to see if anything was happening and i seen the notice… Lol i cant believe i won this time :smiley: im gonna actively think of a question to ask you all as my PIF… This is so exciting :smiley: thank you ladies :heart::heart::heart:


Thank you Michelle, I’m not up on these , too many of them.

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In what post was that that you got a clip and screenshot of baby bones?

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No, where are they located?