Nice to be back again!

I haven’t been on in a while because I haven’t painted in 3ish months

Now my sales are starting to pick back up and I’m painting again!

What’s new everyone


Welcome back!:grinning:


Welcome back to the dark side!

What got you motivated to start painting again?

Welcome back.

The weather maybe lol

I’m not really sure I just felt inspired :slight_smile:

Welcome back. At least you made it back. I haven’t painted in 3 months. Been working on other projects. What motivated you to return?

Honestly I’m not sure It just felt like it was time for me to start painting again

the Christmas rush really had me tired of painting so I just stopped February I think and am finally getting back to painting after a needed break!

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Welcome back! I’m new here.

That’s exactly why I will never do customs…we can take break when we feel uninspired or we’re broke or when life gets crazy.

I painting today most of the day today. I always watch Netflix :heart:

Welcome to the hobby :slight_smile:

Around Christmas customs get crazy for me I don’t have time for make-to-sell babies
I’m constantly painting in all my free time especially the month of December with a lot of parents wanting last minute gifts for their kids

I’m rooting a violet kit for a repeat customer now, and will be working on Lucy by Tina kewy tomorrow for a custom

It has been 8 months for me, i know the feeling .

I’m working on newborn June and just have eyelashes for realborn Logan to do before I put him together


He looks really good!

Thanks! It’s my first one. His outfit came today so I’ll be able to take pics and hopefully get him sold.

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