Newborn Sage Silicone

I love the video of Silicone newborn Sage. Her skin is lovely and pink. However, the factory raw silicone is very grey. How can I achieve this lovely skin tone. I use Psycho paint.

That’s a great question. I’d imagine slowly warming it up with pinks and yellows, similarly to how you would a vinyl doll.

To me, silicone painting is the same process as vinyl painting. Just a different medium :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your advice. Lois

Do you put the paint on the same way? I have everything I need for my own personal doll but I’m scared to mess it up.

Kind of! It’s hard to explain in words. I actually learned how to paint silicone from Susan Gibbs. She taught painting classes on Facebook that were super easy to follow and very well taught. She isn’t teaching them right now, but she may be in the future.

There are some tutorials on YouTube that are free. Carolyn Doughty has a whole series!


Thank you

I also took Susan’s class. It was wonderful!