Newborn Crystal Information

I haven’t been on here in a long time. I have a Newborn Crystal that anyone that might know any information on. I know she is a Denise Pratt kit. I need to know the length and any information that BB might have listed when she was available.I am getting ready to list her on my Facebook page.
I sure wish they would bring her back. I would love another one of her. I think she is the cutest. Thank you for any information you might have.


I’ve been hoping for five years that they would bring her back into production. I sold my only Newborn Crystal kit six years ago, and not after that is when they discontinued her. I’m trying to remember how long she was. I think she may have been 18 inches. She was part of the “fontanelle” (soft spot on the head) series, along with Kadence and Kaelin.

I just saw that you are in Jackson, MI. I am about 14 miles from there!

You could try messaging bb directly for the information

I really wish they would bring her back. I would love to have another one of her.

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I am closer to Napoleon, Michigan, and Michigan Center, Michigan. Our mailing address is Jackson.

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I’m a mile south of Napoleon and just north of Brooklyn. Our mailing address is Jackson, too. :smiley: We’re close.

Yes we are, I live just off of Napoleon Rd. just south of Dorrell Rd cut off.

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I’m off Brooklyn Rd. We could get together some time and do dolly stuff if you would like. I’m new here as of last fall and have not made any friends around here yet. Feel like a fish out of water between all the COVID lockdowns and being in a new area. My husband got a job transfer here.