New Years resolution

my Husband and I were talking to a friend last night and one man I really don’t know that well was standing there. My husband knows him well but hadn’t seen him in a while. He ask Troy how his mom was doing. He was telling us his mom she’s messed up bad from age and being on so many meds, which is typical of older people today. He was saying how no one could touch her with out her becoming violent. He said one day a friend of of his mothers made her a monkey put it in her arms and she’s a changed person now. All they do to calm her is give her her monkey. What a wonderful friend. And I thought a wonderful story. We can bring someone so much peace by just going them something to hold. My New Years resolution is to make at least one doll for an older person that needs loving and peace.


That’s so sweet. These reborns are making a difference.

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Last Christmas donated one to a seniors home . The baby is close to the seating area and dinning room so people can share . Baby had a huge hit even mean would hold and rock te baby .
Someone donated them a small size crib so the baby is always there contented in the crib waiting for grandmothers and grandfathers to spoil him.

The Recreation manager said they took one lady ocassionally to hold the baby and calm her down but not others.

Anyways the Children’s Hospital is always floded with donations but old people mostly left out.

Planned to donate one this year as well but I am not finished with that baby …had no time for it ,…but I may finish it soon ,