New Vinyl?

Has anyone noticed anything different about painting the kits from the new factory? I just started Ruby and Callie and I noticed after baking once they got shiny in spots. I’m painting a Jade at the same time as well as watching my oven temp with a thermometer

Ruby’s lips got shiny first
Now her whole face is shiny

I noticed her toes & feet were shiny and the paint either didn’t stick to the vinyl or it absorbed into the vinyl when I baked it and the only places that looked painted were the creases :thinking: those looked like the paint melted and ran into them. I figured I did something wrong (not unheard of as I’m always changing things up) so I stripped her feet and I haven’t baked them yet.

Callie I noticed just her toes and bottom upper part of her foot got really shiny. Nothing is touching anything in the oven and the thermometer is reading 265°

Is this what people are talking about when they say their kits are oily?


Try using Genesis matt varnish, then paint. I do that to every kit before painting, it gives the paint something to grab on to

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Does the shiny spots feel oily?
I sure hope these kits are genuinely pthaleate free.

I have had the same issue with all the new factory kits I’ve painted. They weren’t shiny at first but after a couple bakes they got super shiny. I washed them all with dawn and a couple with baking soda also. After varnishing they were totally matte, but during the painting process they looked like they were wet or I had glossed them. I also had several spots that wouldn’t take paint, no matter what I did. I sealed, varnished, used mediums, etc … but a couple places just wouldn’t take paint no matter what. Thankfully the biggest problem spots were areas that didn’t really matter, like the back of head. I don’t know if there is an additive in the vinyl that comes out with heat, or if their mold release agent soaked into the vinyl. I’m not sure what it is, but I was able to use Golden Fluids after painting with GHSP to touch up the spots that wouldn’t take paint on the toes and fingers, left the heads since it would be hidden with hair. The air dry cured fine, it just wouldn’t take GHSP


I’m painting Callie and the vinyl is so hard I’d almost say it feels brittle. I do a light varnish on feet and hands before painting any kit, so those are okay. My problem is the mottle layers feel like the vinyl repels paint. Felicity’s vinyl was hard, but workable. Callie, not so much. She’s such a cute kit. I see them all the time listed on Reborns. I figured I could work around it but right now I’m so frustrated with her that I’m thinking “lake baby” and how aggravating it is to waste time on this crummy vinyl :unamused:


My Callies vinyl is not hard :thinking: not like my newborn Emmy. I’m curious if they were the same factory? Were there three at one time? I definitely think there was some trial and error getting the recipe right

So far only the feet seem to be an issue on Ruby well and there is the issue with her face :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I’m curious if there aren’t able to take the heat :thinking:

It is so weird how you mention they look wet. That is it exactly and only after baking

No they just feel super slick and glossy but dry. More plastic than vinyl like Barbie legs compared to her face

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: do you know where I could get some?

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My newborn Emmy was hard vinyl, too, but not as hard to work with as Callie. I’m only a couple of layers in, hoping it softens a bit as I do more bakes. If I get that far, LOL…my patience is wearing thin.

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Just so you’re prepared, my kits started like that, a couple shiny spots, by the time I had finished the baby the entire thing was so glossy. Everytime I baked the shiny spots spread to new areas. But like I said matte varnish fixed it at the end so I just stopped focusing on how it looked during the process after the first one since I knew it wouldn’t stay like that after I finished. Otherwise I would have kept varnishing areas with every bake.

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I just bought some at Dollsbysandie

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Sounds like they are slightly melting then. The new vinyl may not tolerate the temperature as well as the other did.

That’s what I’m worried about

Omg I’m so tired with all these issues with BB kits :pensive::pensive:



Hopefully some day this will all be a thing if the past :joy:

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