New to this forum and reborn

Hi everyone, Name is Barb I am new to the forum and new to reborn. I have finished my first baby. well the head which has taken me weeks to do and mic root her hair this is ladybug not to good in taking photos but Im sure i will get it right soon will take comment of what you all think


WOW! You did a great job!!!

thank you

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thank you Tanya

thank you jlesser

Could anyone please tell me how to upload my photo to this Forum? I am new, and trying to get the hang of it all.

Welcome to the forum Barb, it’s nice to “meet” you!! You will find the forum ladies very helpful in every way. Your baby is lovely!! Hard to believe she is your first!! You should be very proud of yourself!! Great job!!

thank you so much lynn for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

As your avatar or as a post?

If you want to upload a photo for a topic–like in a reply or something–there should be a button with an underlined arrow that is pointing upwards. If you would like to replace the “C” that is next to your name, click on the circle with the orange “C” in the upper right hand corner, and then click on your name, “CarolanaSongs” Then click on “Preferences.” When you scroll down, you should see the same orange circle with the “C”–it says “Profile Picture” and you can upload a photo from there. I hope this helps!!

Welcome Barb. What a great first baby!

thank you Saron

Your baby is wonderful! Welcome to the forum.

thank you luvbaby

Love her soft skin tones! So angelic. Shes awesome.

Great baby, Welcome!

thank you Pitmom

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thank you Anne

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First baby? Great Job!!! Did you ROOT
those brows??? They look great!!