New to the baby world!

Hello all, my name is Cecilia. I am new and fixing to start my first new baby. She is the Morgan baby. I will be naming her Isabella Morgan.


Hey girl~ Great to have you here! Everyone is wonderful here.

Welcome, Cant wait to see your first baby!

Hi Cecilia, welcome. These are a bunch of very nice people.


There are some very good tutorials out there in case you need them. My favorites are on Youtube, Kim, :slight_smile:

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Yay! We like! I have a Morgan to make, too. Post lots of pics!!! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

Welcome to our happy hang-out!

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Welcome to the “family”, it’s nice to meet you!!

Welcome to the group! Any chance your kin to Natalie Scholl or just like the name?

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I told her everyone here was amazingly sweet :blush:

Hello Cedilla,
Welcome, glad to have you!!

Welcome to the forum Cecilia. There is a great bunch of reborners here.

Welcome to our group…and our addiction!! I can’t wait to see Isabella Morgan when you complete her!!:heart_eyes:

Than you all, I will post pictures of her when I am done.

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Welcome to a great forum, you will be comfy here.



Glad to have you here! But don’t be firm about the name until you finish your baby. They have a way of surprising you and can sometimes end up being a boy when you are expecting a girl. If that happens, he probably would prefer a different one!

Welcome to our little humble slice of paradise LOL. Look forward to seeing your babies and getting to know you better