New Sculpt Pixie by Bonnie Brown now on ebay

Hi everyone,

I got my Pixie kit very fast in the mail as I live near Bonnie so I got to start on her straight away. I spent 3 full days and nights of painting as I was just so excited to have her. I got number 11 in 950.
Please cheer her on as I don’t sell on ebay much and this is my first international listing on the UK ebay with free postage worldwide. (im in Australia and the ebay here is totally different)

Thankyou ladies, Natalie … 1153156593

What a little princess! Reminds me of my sister as a baby. Good luck (I’m cheering her on!)

She is so SWEET! I just love that precious little face.

Sweet little sculpt. Her eyes are gorgeous!

She is adorable. I just love those little ears.

Thank you ladies. I love her little ears too! Such a cute little face!

I’m in love with her feet and those little toenails! Saved the photos to remind myself not to overdo the creases. She is adorable! And born on my son’s birthday too!