New Release! Realborn® Pearl Awake is Now Available!

A new amazing Realborn is available now! Pearl Awake is about 18 inches long when completed. She has the cutest chin and little nose, we are in love with this sweet girl! She is now available for you to cuddle her up in your cart and take her home with you! Pearl Awake, buy now:

Pearl Awake was captured so beautifully from 3D scans of a real baby! You can see more of the real baby Pearl here: We loved working with this little baby! She has the most heart stealing face.

Realborn® Pearl Awake is beyond excited to be reborn into this world! Her little loving face awaits you at:

Bountiful Baby


I can’t wait to get her! I loved painting Pearl asleep so much and I’m excited to paint them together. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love her inquisitive bewildered eyes. So newborn :heart_eyes:


Oh goodness I want her and Christopher! Bountiful baby keeps me broke!

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My pearl sleeping was just born today she is a cute kit to paint.
I waiting to have her be born on my sisters birthday she been ready for a few days though

I’ll be able to post pics of my sleeping pearl on WIP thread in little while


This baby is so precious! Just love her!

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I love little Pearl. I have done two so far.


Love little Pearl :heart:

Oh my goodness I want three babies right now! All awake. Pearl, Summer rain and Christopher.