New Release - Adorable Realborn Daphne Asleep!

Happy New Year!

We have the sweetest new release to kick off the new year! Daphne Asleep is so perfectly sweet, we couldn’t start 2021 with a cuter baby! You can make her yours today: Daphne’s adorable open hands are amazing!

The real Daphne is such a sweet girl! You can view some amazing footage of the real baby here: You can also see more photos from her photography session here: She is so perfect, we feel so incredibly lucky to be able to capture her as a Realborn®!

Her release is also featured on our home page at:

We hope this new year brings you many blessings! Thank you so much for being a part of this new year with us!

Wishing you happiness and love,
Bountiful Baby


Aw, yay! I have been waiting on her :heart_eyes:


This is my lucky day!!!

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Just ordering her now! So glad I waited to place my order!


Haha I placed two orders today ! :joy::joy::joy:


With high shipping to Canada (55+CAD) I can’t afford two orders in one day!

Ordered Daphne, Callie and Bryson

So excited for Daphne! Have been anxiously waiting for this one, I just put my order in. I really LOVE the open hands, and wish that more of the realborns had that.