New Realborn

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I can’t wait for Priscilla! She is adorable!

This ebay link shows her template with more pics :slight_smile: Marie did a fabulous job.
I love her hands and feet!

Thank you for sharing!

These babies are popping out left and right…lol its funny how nuts everyone got when the first Realborns started coming out…lol seems like every other week and new Realborn emerges!! They are all too adorable!!

She has such a beautiful mouth and i love her little button nose!!

A little sleep smile! Aaawww!!! I love it!!! <3

BB is great at meeting our needs. We asked for Asians, sleep smiles, and toddlers and here they come!!

Now, more open eyes realborns, please!

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Yeah, I keep looking at Emmy. She is gorgeous, but I don’t think I can justify her. She’s too big to keep or ship… And root… And weigh…
A slightly older baby who is not an all out kid would be great. 3-6 Mo sized “toddler” would be adorable!
With one of those faces that could go either way (toddler or baby depending on how you did the hair and posed them).

They DO seem to listen to us, if enough ppl ask for it I bet we’ll get that 3-6 mo sized baby… One of newborns. Could be rescanned