New oven!

new oven, my nuwave was smashed to pieces, does anyone know the time and temperature that I should put the babies?



It came broken?

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no, thanks to God is that the old man broke and I bought a new one now I upload a photo

I use a convection oven at 250 for 11-12 minutes

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265 for 8 mins


I used to do that temp until I melted a kit
if shes not using a nuwave the temperature will rise by itself

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I brought one similar to this months ago. I decided to use it the other night. I put Kenzie arms in it. I was reading the temp settings wrong n had it on 250c, for 10 min. Luckily I was standing there watching. I cut it off before the 10min. Her fingers tips were shiny. The next day I put the thermometer in it. When I went to set the temp, that’s when I noticed the Fahrenheit number under the c number. I don’t like it cause the temp light goes on n off.

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always use a thermometer. My oven like that was 30° different

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Thank’s :smiley:

I have that exact oven. Mine is pretty true to the settings. I tested it a few times with just the thermometer at various temps to see what setting would get it to 265. I leave it at just very slightly past the 260 setting now, but always keep the thermometer in there and keep an eye on it. I’ve never had any problems with mine.


Thank’s :+1::smiley:

I put it to 260 for 8 minutes and the thermometer shows 150 someone knows why?

Doesn’t look like the oven is working? Did the heat coils in the lid light up? They should have gone through several on-off cycles during the 8 minutes. These may be silly questions, but did you put the handle down, and did you set the timer on the oven itself? This particular oven won’t work if it’s timer is not on.

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if I have lowered the handle, I put the 8 min to 260 degrees and when the thermometer that I put in marks as 175 degrees already it turns off

I always set the oven timer past 10 minutes, and set the timer on my phone for 8 minutes. The oven will look like it’s shutting off a few times as it cycles through the heating process. But as long as the timer is still going and the handle is down, the oven should still heat up. It may take your thermometer a few minutes to register the actual temperature though. I always make sure to set the timer past 10 minutes because I have other similar timers that won’t work unless you go past 10.

I did it as you said and the thermometer does not reach 200, I do not know what happens😳

Try the thermometer in your kitchen oven to see if it works there

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good idea :+1:, although it is new without using I bought it in Walmart

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Yes but it will tell you if it is faulty or your convection oven.

If the thermometer doesnt work in the kitchen oven either, buy a new thermometer.

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