New nursery name

I think I have a name for my own nursery while I have been contemplating Nikki’s. I think I will go with Tiny Times Reborn Nursery. What do you think?


I like it!

When I first started I was Outback Orphans…lol That was because the town where I lived was the “Gateway to the Outback” but I changed my name by the 2nd year of reborning to Butterflies and Bows with the intention of selling all my babies with one regular outfit and with a butterfly costume and a set of butterfly wings…(decided against that idea though as I am not a seamstress and the lady that was going to do the costumes for me ended up having to go back to work so didn’t have time to make them :disappointed: …) but I had already changed the name so just stuck with it…

Oh and meant to say…I like the name you have chosen too!!! :smile:


I like it!