New LLE: Americus

She’s here!!! She has a female torso. Coming 2016


Must have!:heart:

Awe how precious!!

OMG!! This might be my fave LLE kit to date!!

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I was hoping for. A boy torso LOL .
Must have !!

I saw her on FaceBook. Love the face and limbs, but I am not a fan of the “full body”.


She is precious…Don’t like full body either…guess I could cut it and make removable front and back plates though…(have done that before.) I prefer the ‘cuddle factor’ of the doe suede bodies…(probably ruin the ‘collectors’ value if I cut the plate???) Love the face and limbs though…

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2016??? That’s too far away!! I want her NOOOOOWWWW!!!

What’s LLE? 0.o

Laura Lee Eagles (sculptor) very talented!


She has Evangeline and Aurora Sky at the factory now. That’s why it will be a while :smiley:

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Is there a pic ? I can’t see one.

Thank you!!

Love😙 cant wait.

That looks amazing! Who is it by?

Love LLE kits. Gotta have her!