New line of fantasy kits!

Have y’all seen the new line of fantasy kits! Looks like Dolls So Real will have them (or already has some) in stock! I love this little dragon. Thinking maybe I can get my brothers into painting with me if they have a baby dragon lol. Does anyone know when they will be released?


So cute! Cant wait! thanks for the reminder!

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Aw he’s really charming! Probably won’t paint him but he’s pretty cute!

Strawberry is cute too

Here is Spark


I love strawberry! I may have to get her, she’s super charming too.


I love Strawberry too! I just don’t know what creature she is lol


Gah! I love these little baby dragons! I love making fantasy babies, but don’t generally like the fantasy kits (I prefer turning a regular kit into an alternative). However, I’ll definitely be making an exception for these two!

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I don’t know either but that might be better. Leaves more room for creativity and you can create your own lore for her. I really don’t like fantasy kits but she’s too sweet to say no to, even if I have no clue what the heck she is :rofl:


So cute! They remind me of the dragon from the Never Ending Story.


That’s what I was gonna say :slight_smile: luck dragon

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Is anyone else carrying spark? I have to have two of them for my boys! So cute and they are super into baby dragons after seeing the movie.

I think Sarah Mellman’s Enchanted Kreature kits site will, but they dont show there yet. She did post about them if I remember right…

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Definitely super adorable but can’t order because they are probably going to be $100 but they are really cute! Especially that open eyed one!!

She reminds me of a Chinese dragon

Oh how cute!! I might have to order Spark, he’s just killing me!

I haven’t been a fan of a lot of the bigger dragon kits… but those two little ones!!! I need them!!! :star_struck:

I saw Strawberry and was instantly in love with the kit. I have so many ideas already. I just don’t know when it will be releasing. But I need that kit in my life asap.

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