New kit Amerie by Lorna Miller Sands

This one is adorable. I’m not familiar with this artist, though. Has anyone had any issues with ordering from her?


Oh, she’s adorable! The only reborn kits I know of by Lorna are the ones from BB. She also produced some Ashton Drake dolls. But mostly she’s been focusing on her silicones which are pretty popular. I’ve never heard anything bad about her, so I’d assume she’s ok to deal with. :slight_smile:

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Is it me or does that baby’s head look too big for the limbs? The arms look a little small. Or is it just the way it’s posed? I think the arms look a little narrow on the top part?? No?? Something just looks out of proportion, or is it because it’s not properly put together??


I think it’s just the way it’s put together but prototypes we’ll be able to tell more clearly.

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Adorable expression!

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I’m sure your right Izzy. She is cute though huh?


@izzy, thanks for the info on the artist! @anon77773884, you’re funny! @lynn, I think the pieces will look fine when dressed. I agree, @Sydster!

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I think it needs more stuffing.

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Aw, what a little cutie pie x

Mmmm that is a very cute kit and will reborn even cuter. Would love to see your finished work.

Oh, oops not released yet. But…if you do get one to reborn…!

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